Dollhouse Rug 1:24 Scale Elegant Modern Artsy BoHo Asian PLUSH Black Green Rug Floral Dolls House Artisan Miniature

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This elegant plush velvet area rug has a modern artsy BoHo / Asian look to it. The main background is black (any white flecks that show in the photos is a result of camera / sun reflections. This is no ordinary dollhouse miniature rug! Printed on plush velvet and finished at the edges with cotton cording.

This gorgeous contemporary rug measures 3" x 3-7/8"

The predominant colors are black and blue-green; there are red accents along with neutral browns and beige and olive greens. There is an outer border of very pale green; the edges are finished with cotton cording.

Artisan made collectible dollhouse miniature, not meant for children under 16.